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Did you know that infections in some sick animals could be avoided with proper dental care? Just like in humans, plaque and bacteria can build up along your pet’s gum line. Without regular dental care to remove plaque buildup, bacteria can invade your pet’s gums, causing a serious internal infection. In severe cases, these bacteria may enter the blood and affect internal organs, including the liver, lungs and kidney. As many as 70% of dogs and 80% of cats over the age of three suffer from periodontal disease, a precursor to bacterial infections, making dental care essential to your pet’s overall health.

Sarasota Veterinary Clinic Recommends Annual Dental Cleanings

At Bee Ridge Veterinary Clinic in Sarasota, FL, our veterinarians are committed to keeping your pets healthy and active throughout each stage of their life. From puppy and kitten care to senior pet care, pet dentistry is essential to at every life stage. Our vet team recommends annual dental cleanings to remove plaque buildup and polish the teeth. Since many pets feel anxious with dental equipment in their mouths, our veterinarians will administer anesthesia to help pets relax during the cleaning. After scraping away plaque we use an ultrasonic polishing system to smooth the teeth’s surface. By removing ridges and bumps on the teeth, this reduces the opportunity for plaque to form.

Plaque buildup can be very dangerous for your pet’s health. Since your pet cannot brush his own teeth, tiny food particles and bacteria can build up along the gum line. When these deposits harden, they form plaque. As plaque deposits grow, this increase can push away a pet’s gum line, creating pockets for bacterial infection. If a bacterial infection enters the bloodstream, it can damage internal organs and compromise your pet’s health.

An oral bacterial infection can have devastating consequences for a pet’s health. In some pets, their immune system goes into overdrive, trying to fight off this infection. In serious cases, inflammation can attack your pet’s mouth. This condition, known as stomatitis, can have devastating consequences for pets. Missing teeth make it difficult to properly eat food. Swollen, inflamed gums also make drinking water incredibly painful. The best treatment for stomatitis is prevention. By preventing plaque deposits from forming, our veterinarians can keep your pet’s gums healthy and disease-free.

As a pet owner, it’s important to identify the signs of oral disease as early as possible. While your pet’s breath may not be minty fresh, that’s okay. Particularly offensive breath, however, is a sign of illness, especially if this bad breath is accompanied by loss of appetite or excessive drooling. Sick animals may also have tumors in the gums, cysts under the tongue, and loose teeth.

Early intervention is key to treating oral health problems. A visit to our Sarasota veterinary clinic can help identify any problems before serious complications occur. Protect your pet's health with an annual dental cleaning. Call our veterinary clinic to make your pet’s appointment today.


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