Pain Management for Dogs

Bee Ridge Veterinary Clinic Pain Management for Dogs

We understand that your pets are a member of your family; and we treat all of our pet patients like they are our own. Along with our outstanding wellness care programs, Bee Ridge Veterinary Clinic offers you emergency and urgent care at our Sarasota facility. Our clinic also offers compassionate and safe pain management options.

The Importance of Pain Management for Dogs

Our staff takes the time to explain our rationale for both wellness and urgent care options we recommend. We want our pet parents to understand our approach to maintaining your pets' health and treating your little family members when they are not feeling well. Our Sarasota veterinarians and staff offer state-of-the-art equipment, up-to-date diagnostic services and safe pain management for dogs and other pets. Our cutting-edge equipment encourages the most efficient surgical procedures, should your pet need them.

Bee Ridge Veterinary Clinic veterinary professionals carefully assess every patient, well or sick. Assessment criteria include your pet's age, breed, current condition and quality of life. We can then tailor a well care or pain management program that matches your pets’ dietary, exercise, diagnostic, and comfort needs. Pain management is used to help with arthritis and other long-term conditions that can generate chronic pain. Just as with humans, pain should be managed to minimize discomfort. Safe medications are available to manage chronic pain to maintain your dog's quality of life.

Pain management is part of procedures like spay and neuter, as our veterinarians will give pet parents safe medications to help with any discomfort pets may have post-surgery.  Pain management also comes in handy when a beloved pet suffers an injury, such as being hit by a car. Our veterinary team will ensure that the pets’ pain is managed before, during, and after such emergency surgical procedures, or even orthopedic surgical procedures.

Pain management is a necessary action to take when pets are suffering from such illnesses as cancer, bladder stones, and ulcers. For pets that are in the older stages of life pain management may be an option for pet parents to take to help relieve some aches and pains from furry friends gracefully aging bodies. Our orthopedic surgery is also consider a type of pain management as it can help a senior pet or an injured regain mobility.

Even if your pet seems to be suffering from a mysterious illness or skin allergy, our veterinary staff will give our pet patients safe medications or medicated shampoos to help relieve some of the pets’ pain while they work to find out the true cause of the illness. Whether it is clear as day what is wrong with your pet or not, our Sarasota veterinary staff is dedicated to providing your pet with pain relief along with pain management for those that need it over prolong periods of time.


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Feedback from our clients

  • "We've been going to Bee Ridge clinic for over 20 years. The care and compassion provided by Dr. Tudin, Dr Sego and the entire staff is top notch."
    Greg Yantorno
  • "Dr Tudin is extremely knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. His integrity and honesty match his wonderful bedside manner. For over 15 years I've trusted my pets to no other... Beth, Mary and most of the team have been there forever...that also speaks volumes! Its the total team that makes it easy to refer family and friends."
    Annette Gueli Sciolino