Pet Senior Wellness

Pet Senior Wellness Care Offered at Bee Ridge Veterinary Clinic

In order to ensure your pet lives a long, healthy life, our Sarasota veterinarians recommend that senior pets come in for wellness visits at least once every six months. During these semi-annual visits at Bee Ridge Veterinary Clinic, our veterinarians will be able to do a complete evaluation and assessment of your pet while at the same time running necessary blood work that will help identify any risk factors for potential diseases and illnesses. Pet senior wellness care is recommended for any cat or dog at all stages of life, especially when they reach their senior years. Your pet's average lifespan is determined by its breed, size, and general health.

Sarasota Veterinarians Focus On Preventative Care and Early Treatment

One of the main reasons that we request semi-annual wellness visits for our senior pets is it gives us the opportunity to identify any life-threatening or debilitating illnesses before they take hold of your pet. Pet senior wellness visits allow us to recognize the early signs and symptoms of heart disease, cancer and arthritis, among many other illnesses. With early detection, our Sarasota veterinarians are able to best treat and manage the disease and ultimately give your pet a more active and higher quality life.

During these visits at Bee Ridge Veterinary Clinic, our veterinarians will do a complete exam as well as do a more thorough dental hygiene examination. Animal oral health becomes increasingly important in a pet's senior years, as gum disease can lead to other illnesses and complications in your pet. In addition, we work to educate our clients on proper dental hygiene techniques for your pet, so that you can best care for your pet's teeth at home.

Diet and nutrition are another vital aspect of these visits. We want to make sure our Sarasota pet owners are feeding their pets the right foods during their senior years. Aging pets require different types of foods that are easier to digest and also contain essential vitamins and nutrients that help boost your senior animal's health. At Bee Ridge Veterinary Clinic, we want all of our clients to understand the importance of weight management and weight control in an older pet. An overweight pet is bound to have more complications and is at an increased risk for disease. We will discuss with you the caloric content of the food you are feeding your pet, and help you determine a healthy portion for your furry friend.

The veterinarians at Bee Ridge Veterinary Clinic in Sarasota recommend that senior pets continue to get their required annual vaccinations, as is necessary based on geographic location, breed, lifestyle and general health.

We also will discuss keeping your pet active while at the same time providing them with mental stimulation. At Bee Ridge Veterinary Clinic, we feel that pet senior wellness encompasses not only evaluating the health of an animal but also educating the Sarasota pet parents who will be caring for these animals on a day-to-day basis.


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  • "We've been going to Bee Ridge clinic for over 20 years. The care and compassion provided by Dr. Tudin, Dr Sego and the entire staff is top notch."
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  • "Dr Tudin is extremely knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. His integrity and honesty match his wonderful bedside manner. For over 15 years I've trusted my pets to no other... Beth, Mary and most of the team have been there forever...that also speaks volumes! Its the total team that makes it easy to refer family and friends."
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