Sarasota Veterinary Clinic Provides Advanced Pet Surgery

No one likes being told their pet needs surgery, but sometimes it is necessary. Spay or neuter surgery is recommended for most pets, and ailments happen such as abscessed teeth, bone problems, or bloat that require animal surgery. When animal surgery is needed, our veterinarians approach it with a combination of expertise and compassion. Having a strong relationship established with our Sarasota animal clinic makes the process easier for you and your pet. We take any surgery your pet undergoes seriously; whether your cat is being declawed, your canine is undergoing dog surgery for bloat, or your rabbit is getting spayed. Whatever you and your pet are dealing with, our veterinary clinic will keep you informed every step of the way. Here are a few of the more common reasons why you may find yourself talking to us about pet surgery.


Sarasota Spay and Neuter Surgery

Most experts agree that spaying and neutering new pets is responsible and part of a pet's basic wellcare. Litters of puppies and kittens are cute, but with Sarasota animal shelters overflowing it is best to leave breeding to a handful of experts. The majority of Sarasota pet owners should concentrate on caring for the pets they've got.

Spayed or neutered pets are easier to own, since they display less aggression and owners do not need to deal with spraying males or females in heat. While it was once recommended for dogs and cats to be a year old before being spayed or neutered, it is now known that this pet surgery can be done on animals as young as two months or as little as two pounds. 

Many pets in our veterinary clinic require nothing more than a prescription or a dietary change, however there are also many common ailments that need to be corrected by pet surgery. One of the more serious is gastric torsion, or bloat, which occurs mostly in large chested dogs. With this condition the stomach twists and needs to be corrected with dog surgery, and may be fatal if not treated. Hip dysplasia is also a common reason for dog surgery.  Fluid in the ear and dental conditions also require our veterinarians to perform surgery. 

Dogs and cats may also find themselves in an animal hospital after an accident or a fight. A trip to our veterinary clinic may be in order to declaw a cat or repair torn cartilage. In all cases, whether emergency or planned, our veterinarians will provide your cat or dog surgery so you can leave our veterinary clinic and get back to your life. 

Serious illnesses such as cancer can afflict pets and threaten to shorten their lives. In some cases, surgery is a viable option for treating the illness and will delay or stop the progression of the illness. While the decision to go ahead with surgery is a very personal one, our Sarasota animal clinic staff can guide you through your options.
For both dogs and cats, liver and skin cancers, as well as bladder stones or ulcers, may bring them into our animal hospital for treatment.  Often with pet surgery, chemotherapy, and other treatments pets can recover and thrive for years. What's most important is to visit our animal clinic early so one of our veterinarians can make an early diagnosis and assure the best possible chance for recovery. Call us at 941-923-3100 today if you have questions.


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  • "We've been going to Bee Ridge clinic for over 20 years. The care and compassion provided by Dr. Tudin, Dr Sego and the entire staff is top notch."
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