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Owning a cat is a wonderful thing. Here at Bee Ridge Veterinary Clinic, we understand that cats often have very different needs than other pets, and have a team of cat care professionals here who are committed to making your cat feel at home when he or she comes in for a visit for any reason, whether it is cat grooming, cat boarding, wellness care or sick care. 

Our Sarasota Veterinarians Understand Special Cat Care Needs

Our cat care professionals know that cat special needs also vary by cat, as each cat has his or her own personality. But there are general tendencies that we try to anticipate so that each visit with your cat is as stress-free as possible. Take our pet boarding facilities, for example; we have a separate area just for cat boarding. Cats can be very sensitive to the noises and smells of other types of pets, and when they are in an environment that is not their own, this can make them feel even more uncomfortable. When your cat comes in for boarding, we have a quiet, cat-friendly area where your pet can relax and spend the time he or she needs to feel safe and secure without other distractions.

Many people are surprised when first owning a cat that cats also actually benefit from regular professional grooming. Although cats tend to fastidiously take care of their own grooming activities, regular brushing and bathing can help your cat stay healthier. Consider the difficulty of hair balls for instance; regular brushing removes excess hair that can end up causing gastrointestinal trouble in the future. Cat grooming is also a good opportunity to make sure matted hair, pests and skin conditions are dealt with promptly before they become difficult to treat. If you dread bathing your cat, but it still needs to be done, our cat care professionals can help. They know how to calm the most stressed out cat, making the entire experience a relaxed and enjoyable one.

Cat special needs naturally also spread into their medical care and wellness care needs. Cats need different courses of vaccinations and often suffer from cat-specific health problems. In fact, cats and dogs have such different physiological systems that they even need completely separate flea and tick preventative medications, vitamins, foods and even toothpastes, otherwise they may suffer from severe side effects. Of course, never use anything labeled for dog use on a cat.

Here at Bee Ridge Veterinary Clinic, our veterinarians understand the needs of cats and their families and can even help with cat-specific behavioral questions. If you have questions about your cat’s health, grooming, boarding or have any other veterinary questions, call us today at 941-923-3100! Our cat professionals can guide you in the right direction and make sure your cat gets the special feline-specific care he or she needs and deserves!


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  • "We've been going to Bee Ridge clinic for over 20 years. The care and compassion provided by Dr. Tudin, Dr Sego and the entire staff is top notch."
    Greg Yantorno
  • "Dr Tudin is extremely knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. His integrity and honesty match his wonderful bedside manner. For over 15 years I've trusted my pets to no other... Beth, Mary and most of the team have been there forever...that also speaks volumes! Its the total team that makes it easy to refer family and friends."
    Annette Gueli Sciolino